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Agent Tease

Who is She...?

There are a lot of secret agents but only one Agent Tease.
I'm very provocative, classy and I love erotic tease.

I have been on the MFC platform since January 2017.


So please, never ask me about my age or where I live..

Secrets Agents should be shrouded in mystery...

If you want to know me better, to see inside my soul and have me look back into yours, be my special friend.
Every secret agent needs partners in crime...Want to be one of them?


My Simple Rules...

  • I do not do Skype! 

  • I do not do any of private!

  • I do only Naughty Club Show every Saturday for 1000 tok.

  • I don't like to listen to rap, hard rock, hip-hop or pop songs in my room. I prefer blues, jazz, classic songs e.g. Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles, Billy Holiday.

  • No talking politics or religion.

  • Just be nice, respectful and enjoy my room.


                                                     Thank you!

Agent Tease Partners

Friends of my show are incredibly valuable to me. Their love and support are the reasons why I put on my show and without them I wouldn't be able to put on the show I do! 
I love them all very much!
One of my favorite thing is to receive love letters. Why don't you send me a letter below and tell me your deepest, darkest secrets?


Foot Fetish 50 tok

High Heels Tease 150 tok

Stockings Tease 100 tok

Hair Teasing 101 tok

Red Lipstick Tease 400 tok

Song Request  19 tok

Miss MyFreeCams

   January'20 #936                       January'19 #997

   February'20 #764                     February'19 #467

   March'20 #                              March'19 #601

                                                 April'19 #897

                                                 May'19 #659

                                                 June'19 #529

                                                 July'19 #838

                                                August'19 #707

                                                September'19 #493

                                                October'19 #974

                                                November'19 #582

                                                December'19 #593

March '18 #829

May '18 #910

August '18 #961

September '18 #757

October '18 #956

November '18 #867

December '18 #760

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